About OMNE Chiropractic

Dr. Peters understands the cost of losing time due to pain and injury.

Combining an athletic background and a passion for helping people into a sports chiropractic approach for everyone. A culmination of knowledge and experience into an evaluation and treatment toolbox that all patients can appreciate.

Our sports chiropractic approach is focused on results which is exactly why athletes, sports teams, and major university athletic programs trust Dr. Peters. He delivers this same level of high-quality care to all patients of OMNE Chiropractic.

Dr. Peters has made it his mission to provide the best hands-on chiropractic experience in Omaha, Nebraska. 


Omaha Sports Chiropractor - Dr. Peters

OMNE Chiropractic System

A unique evaluation and treatment approach for all muscle, joint, and sports-related injuries. OMNE Chiropractic is committed to providing Omaha, NE with solutions to pain and performance.

The OMNE Assessment System is focused on finding the causes of your pain and giving you the tools to fix it. We determine the appropriateness of care utilizing a thorough history and physical examination. Then the fun part starts! We check joint ranges of motion, muscle length and strength, and functional movements.  This in-depth process allows us to determine functional movement baselines and meaningful movements to check in on how you are responding to treatment.

Our OMNE Treatment System combines chiropractic manipulation, muscle therapy, and functional rehab exercises into a treatment package that starts on day one.

What makes our chiropractic office different?

  1. Leave Day 1 with a diagnosis and a  chiropractic care plan: No more never-ending treatment plans. 
  2. Treatment Starts Day One: We believe that relief should happen on day one. Dr. Peters applies hands-on chiropractic adjustments, muscle therapy, and other treatment modalities as necessary. 
  3. Access and Follow up: We want to make sure our chiropractic patients have what they need to improve. Access to Dr. Peters through your smartphone as well as exercise videos on our YouTube channel help speed up healing. 
Myofascial Release

Frequently Asked Questions

Our sports chiropractic clinic offers an expanded assessment and treatment toolbox that can benefit everyone from pros to joes. Our sports chiropractic approach is for everyone. 

Getting started is easy. Schedule an appointment online and fill out your new patient intake forms on your device. 

OMNE Chiropractic is a sports chiropractic clinic for everyone. Getting started is easy. Just click the link below to schedule your first appointment.