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Why does the pain come back?

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Pain Focused

Early in my career, I focused too much on pain.

I was happy to be the “pain guy”. I would see a patient with back pain and then discharge them when the pain went away. The classic “let me know when you need me” guy. 

It made sense at the time. Everyone seeing me was in pain and I was short sighted and thought that was the best way to help them.

My ego was so afraid of over treating patients that I overcompensated and under treated them. 

I got really good at getting people out of pain. However, I sold patients and myself short because that relief was often temporary and the pain came back.

To be honest, some OMNE Chiropractic patients still utilize me in this way. 

Function Focused

My passion doesn’t come from eliminating pain. My passion is helping people move and function better. Pain relief is part of that, but just the beginning.

Pain is the last thing to show up, and the first thing to leave.

I wonder how many people came to me in the first few years that got short term pain relief but when the pain came back, they didn’t come back to my clinic.

With that being said, my focus has shifted to function. How patients are MOVING.

We’ve even started implementing baseline video assessments and patients are LOVING it. 

It also inspired me to put together a Lower Back Pain Movement Checklist.

Whether you’ve had lower back pain or currently have it, the movement checklist is an opportunity for you to see how well you move with a 5-point checklist.

I challenge you to take the test, share with a friend/family member, and reach out if you have any questions.

Our sports chiropractic clinic provides solutions for active adults struggling with joint, muscle, and movement problems. 

The pain come back because that’s what pain often does. The reason it showed up in the first place, that’s what we uncover and fix. 

If you are looking for long-term solutions to your joint, muscle, and movement problems, our sports chiropractic approach could be perfect for you. Schedule an appointment or free discovery session to learn more.